Sun Exposure and Sun Protection Behaviours Survey

Why are we researching self-reported sun-related behaviours?

Skin cancer is a major public health issue in Australia. Sun-related behaviours such as excessive exposure to sunlight, not wearing protective clothing, etc are key risk factors for the development of skin cancer. Many researchers have been asking questions about sun-related behaviours, unfortunately until now there is no gold standard for this type of self-report. Our aim is to develop and validate a set of questions that can measure sun-related behaviours really well and may become the new gold standard. Based on this set of question, we can predict individual skin cancer risk.

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About SUN-AUS Project

Sun Exposure and Sun Protection Behaviours Survey

Sun Exposure and Sun Protection Behaviours Survey (SUN-AUS) Project is being conducted as part of Ngadiman Djaja’s doctoral thesis. The Sun Exposure and Sun Protection Behaviours Project is testing a new survey that aims to provide a better measure of sun exposure habits than surveys used in earlier studies. The study will compare the performance of the new survey to the performance of an old survey. Importantly, the survey will look at responses from people living in a sunny state (like Queensland). This research aims to use modern statistical models to better measure sun related behaviours.

Our Team

Ngadiman Djaja
Principal Researcher
Ngadiman is a psychometrician and PhD candidate within the School of Public Health and Social Work, Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology. His interests are in questionnaire design, item response theory, computer adaptive testing and large scale assessment.
A/Prof Monika Janda
Principal Supervisor
Monika is a behavioural scientist with over 15 years of experience in cancer research. She has over 120 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has presented her work at national and international conferences.
Prof Michael Kimlin
Associate Supervisor
Michael is Director of Centre for Research Excellence in Sun and Health (CRESH) within IHBI. This Centre will focus on the interrelationships of skin cancer, sun exposure and vitamin D in Australia.
Prof David Whiteman
Associate Supervisor
David is group leader at Cancer Control Group, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

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